Quit Messages

Excess flood

This quit message shows that you attempted to send too much data to the IRC server, in too short a time period, and the server thought you were attempting to flood it. A good way to prevent this is to enable flood protection in your IRC client. mIRC users may click File -> Options -> IRC -> Flood, and then check Enable flood protection. The default values should be sufficient for most users.

Max sendQ exceeded

This quit message occurs when you failed to receive the data from the server quick enough, in other words the IRC server tried to send you too much data and closed the connection. As our network size increases this can be caused if you perform a LIST of all IRC channels on OtherWorlders, or if you execute a WHO query on a large channel; if you have a poor internet connection you may find yourself getting disconnected.

Ping timeout

All IRC servers periodically send what is known as a PING request, to check that the client connection is still alive. The IRC client has to respond to this request within a certain time period, or the connection is deemed to no longer be alive and is closed (with this quit message).

Connection reset by peer

This quit message is caused when the IRC client closes the connection to the server uncleanly, and the server doesn’t realize the connection has been terminated. This leaves behind what is known as a ghost user, which gives the appearance that the client is still connected, even though it isn’t. When the server attempts to send data to the client, it realizes the connection no longer exists and it is reset. This causes the termination of the ghost user, with the aforementioned quit message.

Read error: EOF from client

This quit message is displayed when the client terminated the connection to the IRC server prematurely, and the server expected more data. This is often caused if the IRC client software crashes or exits suddenly, when it doesn’t have the chance to close the connection ‘gracefully’.

Write error, closing link

This quit message means that the IRC server, for some reason or another, failed to send data to the client. Due to this the client was disconnected.

Broken pipe

This quit message is caused when there is a sudden break in the connection between the IRC server and client. This can occur for many different reasons, but is generally due to the volatile nature of the internet.

*.otherworlders.org *.otherworlders.org

This quit message shows that the user was on a server that split from the rest of the IRC network, known as a net split. When the servers reconnect, the user will rejoin all channels he/she was in and the server will also give that user voice or operator status as necessary.

Nick collision

This quit message is caused when two or more users change to the same nickname at the same time. Obviously only one person can have a nickname at any time, so the server disconnects the users.


This quit message is displayed when a user is banned from the entire IRC network, for various reasons. OtherWorlders *always* sends the K-Line reason, if you can’t see it you should check your IRC client may be hiding it. For K-line inquiries you may post to the K:LINED! forum.

(Killed (OperNick (reason for the kill)))

This quit message is displayed when a user is forceably disconnected from the IRC network by an IRC operator (KILLed). The reason is displayed in the quit message. A common kill reason is you joined a BOT TRAP. Bot Trap channels are set up as honey pots for bots and anyone who joins them is automatically killed. Our Anti-Spam bot also automatically will kill users that post banned URLs or phrases used by spammers