The General MOTD on the OtherWorlders IRC Network

Welcome ——————-

 o Welcome to the OtherWorlders IRC Network
 o Visit us @ 
 o Your host is *

Network Rules —————

 o No Flooding     o No DoS bots   o No Clones
 o No Takeovers    o No Spamming   o No Annoying
 o No Channel Wars o No Porn or Warez
 o Bots are allowed, but if your "client" becomes 
   troublesome, we might remove it it.
 o Please also view our rules by typing:
 o Continued use of this services implies consent

Notice ——————-

 Network Operators are NOT allowed to get into 
 channel affairs unless the channel violates a 
 network rule (listed above). If you are 
 experiencing treason, or just problem ops, 
 Please do NOT get the Network Operators involved.

Disclaimer —————–

 o Proxy and Drone (version) scans are issued 
   upon connecting.
 o If you wish not to be auto scanned please 
   disconnect now!  
 o This server, its staff and the people hosting 
   it are *NOT* responsible for the content that 
   passes through this server.
 o Use of this server is a *privilege* which may 
   be removed at any time and for any reason by 
   the friendly network operators.
 o Each channel founder is responsible for 
   policing their own channel(s) by the correct 
   laws and guidelines. OtherWorlders accepts no 
 for the actions of channel 
   members or their founders.

Support your Network ————

 Please support your chat network by making a 
 DONATION buying official NETWORK GEAR or becoming 
 For details see an IRC Operator.

Contact ——————

 o  The official channel of this network is 
 o  All issues e-mail: help at otherworlders dot org

Connect Options ————–

o Open ports 6660-6669, 7000