The Otherworlders IRC Network Rules

Network Rules

These rules apply to all users of the Otherworlders Internet Relay Chat (IRC) network. Please remember that each chat channel may have additional rules controlled by their hosts.


The community aims to cater to as wide an audience as possible. We will do everything
in our power to protect minors and other vulnerable groups, so that no one will fear chatting on our network. In addition, illegal activity will be punished to the fullest extent possible.

Channel Rules

Channels may be created for discussion of any topic (save for Illegal Activity, see below). We recommend that channels are registered with the Channel Registration Service (ChanServ).

Maturity of Content

As a guide, channels on the Otherworlders network should be considered to be rated ESRB-Mature ESRB Ratings Guide for their content unless specified otherwise.

Channel hosts that wish to mark their channels as suitable for a different audience are encouraged to use the format:

[ESRB Rating] Topic


[Everyone 10+] ToonTown Story Hour - comedy tales

Adult Content

For any content that would be rated above ESRB-Mature, channels must obey the following rules:

  1. The channel topic must contain a clear warning about the nature of the content at all times.
  2. The adult content must remain within the designated channel (including private messages among channel members).
  3. The channel must be registered with ChanServ.
  4. The channel must be mode-locked either +k (requires a key/password in order to join) or +i (invitation only). Users who wish to join the channel can use the /knock command, or if they are on the channel’s access list may use the ChanServ Invite command.
  5. Channel Hosts take full responsibility for anything that occurs in adult channels.
  6. The channel topic for all adult channels must be in the format:

[Warning: Content Alert] Topic Text (optional access key)


[Warning: Adult Content | Language, Violence] Beyond the Event Horizon: Horrific space-based RPG (key: weir)

Sexual Content

Channels that regularly deal with sexual content must also be mode-locked either +s (secret) or +p (private).

The Otherworlders IRC Operators may set these modes without warning if they deem that a channel’s nature or content requires it.


Otherworlders is an international community, users may come from any nationality and speak any language they wish. We do ask that you use only English in the official network channels though (for a start, we won’t be able to help you in any other language).

Other channels may have their own rules for allowed languages.

Scripts and ‘Bots’

If you wish to connect a bot to the Otherworlders IRC network you must have permission from one of the network administrators (rank of master irc operator).

Do not use scripts or bots to harass, annoy or perform any activity that would be banned by the server rules. If you make use of a script or bot then you are responsible for its activity.

Scripts or bots that break the network rules will be removed, and their owners will be warned. Persistent offenders will be banned from the network.

Denial of Service

We strongly prohibit any activity that is intended to intentionally make other chatters’ experience more difficult. This can include:

  • Flooding
  • Spaming
  • Denial of Service (DoS) attacks against the network, other users, or any other entity.

These activities will result in an immediate warning and/or ban.


Do not harass other chatters. This includes continued annoyance or inconvenience, threats or damage.

We appreciate that this is a very broad area, with a great range for interpretation. If you feel you are being harassed then please consider the following steps as a guide to how to deal with it.

  1. First speak with the other person involved. See if you can work it out with them, it may all be a misunderstanding or a joke gone wrong.
  2. The next step should be to speak with a channel operator if the harassment occurs in only one channel. Most channels have rules against harassment and can take action to resolve the situation.
  3. If the channel operators will not help you (or the problem lies with the channel operators) and the problem exists in only one channel then consider leaving that channel. Whilst this seems a draconian suggestion, if the channel operators do not support your case then maybe the channel is not for you.
  4. Finally, if the harassment continues and cannot be dealt with at the channel-level then please report it to our services channel, #Services.
  5. The network staff will take steps to resolve the issue. It is likely our first step will be to quickly repeat steps 1 and 2 (to get a feel for the situation). If the harassment is a server-issue and requires action then it will be taken.

Be aware though that network operators will not issue channel kicks or bans unless they also hold channel operator status in those channels.

Special Case: Harrassment of Network Staff

We have a zero-tolerance policy on the harassment of Otherworlders network staff. Any harassment that stems from the fact that the victim is an IRC Operator will be dealt with swiftly and harshly.

Special Case: Extreme Harassment

In some cases of extreme harassment, action may be taken immediately, even if it is a first offense. These cases can include:

  • Any sort of sexual harassment
  • Harassment that is viewed as “hate speech”
  • Aggression
  • Defamation
  • Slurs about ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, education, or other such personal qualities

Illegal Activity

Illegal activity is not tolerated on the Otherworlders IRC network. Users engaging in such activity may be banned without warning.

The Otherworlders IRC network follows the laws of the United States of America, as this is where the majority of our servers are located.

Illegal activities that are prohibited server-wide include (but are not limited to)

  • Users discussing their involvement in illegal activities
  • Users giving instruction in or discussing methods of performing illegal activities
  • Users planning illegal activities
  • Software and music piracy (and any other form of copyright infringement)
  • Use and manufacture of controlled substances
  • Child pornography
  • Illegal access to information systems
  • Theft of services

Advertising and Linking

Posting links to websites is OK, as long as the content of that website is not against any of the other server rules and you do not repeatedly post the link (flooding and spaming).

Advertising of other IRC networks and channels on other IRC networks is against the rules (and also quite rude).

Channels on the server may also have their own rules regarding advertising and linking.

Legal Disclaimer

While using the Otherworlders IRC Network in any way, shape, or form you hereby acknowledge that the staff of Otherworlders does not actively monitor all content within its servers. You hereby release Otherworlders IRC Network, its administration and its upstream providers of any liability for any information or other content which you receive.

You, as the user, are responsible for what you send and receive over IRC and DCC.