Channel Modes

Supported Channel Modes

Mode Description
a [nick] Give protected status to a user
b [glob pattern] Ban a particular nick!user@host pattern from joining the channel
Requires channel half-operator status or above
C Disables CTCP to channels
c Blocks messages containing color codes
e [glob pattern] Ban exceptions
f [lines:sec] Prevent notice and message floods
G Blocks censored words
g [word] Censor words on a list defined by channel ops
h [nick] Gives half-op status to the user
I [glob pattern] Invite exceptions
i Invite only
J [secs] Automatic rejoin prevention
j Throttles joins per-user to <i>joins</i> per <i>seconds</i> seconds
K /knock is not allowed
k Sets a key needed to join
l Sets max number of users
L If the amount set by +l has been reached, users will be sent to this channel
M A registered nickname (+r) is required to talk
m Moderated channel. Only +v/o/h users may speak
N No nick name changes permitted
n No messages from outside channels
O Only IRCops may join
o Gives a user channel operator status
P Block all-caps lines.
p Makes channel private. Hides the channel from a user’s whois reply.
q Gives channel founder status to a user.
Q Disables /kick on a channel.
R Requires a registered nickname to join
r Registered channel.
S Strips all incoming colors
s Makes channel secret. Hides the channel from a /list.
t Only chanops can set topic
T No NOTICE’s allowed in the channel
t Only channel owners can change topic
V /invite
is not allowed
v Gives a voice to users. (May speak in +m channels)
z Only clients on a Secure (SSL) Connection may join