Greetings to all.

Next year, in 2023, we will be embarking on our 25th year of operation. From our humble beginnings to the peak we had in the early 2000’s and back again. It has been a great ride. And the future looks brighter now for IRC.

We plan on having some changes here on our network and the communities we serve. This will have some rocky parts and possibly some inconveniences as well as we work through those changes. But it’s all to better serve the community of chatters.

We are going to refocus and sharpen our dedication to every community that has a home on our network and those that would like to move over and join us as well. We are going to revamp our community guidelines to serve not only the gaming community, which will always be our heart and soul, but all communities who need a place to chat in real-time online.

As such changes, we will be updating and changing software that runs our network. And most importantly our domain name will change as a result. has been a good domain these last 15 years that we have served the gaming and sci-fi/fantasy community as our primary focus. Times change and so do names. Thus we will rebrand ourselves with a new name to be revealed later.

Please bookmark this page and check on it as we update information on this coming change as the process moves forward.