User Modes


Mode Description
B Marks
you as being a Bot
d Stop all channel messages being sent to the user
G Filters out all the bad words per configuration
H Hide IRCop Status (IRCop Only)
h Available for help (HelpOp)
I Hides a user’s channels from all non-opers.
i Invisible (not shown in /who by non-IRCops)
n Can receive SNOMASK notices. Oper only.
o IRC Operator
Q Invisible on channels. (Opers Only)
R Allows you to only receive PRIVMSGs/NOTICEs from registered (+r) users
r Identifies the nick as being registered
S Strips color from private messages.
s Can receive server notices
W Lets you see when people do a /whois on you (IRCops and Community Supporters Only)
w Can receive wallops messages
x Enables cloaking of a users hostmask