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This page will be a listing of games that are currently being played on the network and will provide some information for users looking to join or just watch any games that are around.

Please add your game to the list using the following format ~

update 7 December 2019 – We are no longer allowing comments here. We have a new RPG service available to list your game. Please use it.

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  1. bynw

    Channel Name: #Teara-Adan
    Day(s)/Time (including timezone): Wednesday / 7:00 PM (US Central) to 10/10:30 PM
    Game System: Fudge
    Setting: Homebrew, World of Teara Adan
    GM (Contact Nick): bynw
    Looking for players?: Yes, have spots for 1 or 2 right now
    Guests allowed: Always (might use you as an NPC too)

    Other information: The World of Teara Adan has been around (online and offline) since 1983. It is a world of Sixguns, Sorcery and Psionics. A world of adventure and more. Check out our website at

  2. Aeolius

    Channel Name: #turucambi
    Day(s)/Time (including timezone): Sunday Nights, 8-11pm Eastern
    Game System: D&D 3.5e
    Setting: World of Greyhawk
    GM (Contact Nick): Aeolius
    Looking for players?: Yes
    Guests allowed: Yes

    Other information: I now have two openings in “Heirs of Turucambi”, an undersea adventure.

    PCs begin with 61,000 XP and must have a natural swim speed as well as the ability to breathe underwater without the use of magic. I allow the use of all WotC 3.5e books and supplements, so long as they are intended for the World of Greyhawk. No evil PCs, please.

    My games tend to be role-play heavy and combat light, with an emphasis on story over stats. Entire game sessions may involve PC and NPC banter and exploration, without an instance of melee.

    Set beneath the surface of the Solnor Ocean on Oerth, the World of Greyhawk, The campaign has visited many “Mysterious Places” of the region such as Turucambi, the Sinking Isle, and the Jungle of Lost Ships. Knowledge of the World of Greyhawk is not required, for participation in the campaign.

    Be aware that life underwater has its limitations; typical potions are all but impossible to imbibe, paper scrolls will quickly disintegrate, and typical metal items are subject to corrosion. Many typical spells may not suitable for underwater casting. Treasure may be similarly altered, as many undersea races value rare corals, pearls, and shells far more than coins and gemstones.

    The main protagonist is Xaetra, a benevolent night hag who recently ascended to the ranks of godhood, with the help of the adventurers. The antagonist is Diadema, the blackwater hag, an undead amalgamation comprised of the corpses of a sea hag and salt hag, and once the deathlock remains of Xaetra herself.

    Diadema seeks to drain the sea itself, awakening three magical maelstroms created to drain water through a planar portal into the hollowed caverns of the lesser moon, Celene. There, imprisoned by Dagon, are the daughters he sired by his union with Olhydra.

  3. Frankto

    Channel Name: #talesfromsullapolis
    Day(s)/Time: Tuesdays or Thursdays, 9:00 pm to 1:00-2:00 am (US Eastern), starting early 2014
    Game System: Pathfinder (Homebrew Modern supplement)
    Setting: Modern-day contemporary fantasy
    GM (Contact Nick): Frankto
    Looking for players?: No
    Guests allowed: Yes

    Other information: The setting pits the characters, a group of private investigators, against the forces of the Outside in a bid to save humanity! No, nothing quite so grand—at least not initially!

  4. Christopher Kawasaki

    Channel Name: #narutod20
    Day(s)/Time (including timezone): Sundays, starting at 9:30 am Pacific Standard Time
    Game System: Naruto D20
    Setting: Daten no Kuni (Homebrew)
    GM (Contact Nick): Zacki_GM
    Looking for players?: Not currently
    Guests allowed: To watch

    Other information:
    A game about Immortals in a world of warring states.

  5. John

    Channel Name: #Ancient_Horizons
    Day(s)/Time (including timezone): Alternating Saturdays, 7PM MST (GMT -6 or -7)
    Game System: Pathfinder – rules light
    Setting: home-brewed bronze age with real world analogues.
    GM (Contact Nick): #Narrator (John) – not registered.
    Looking for players?: not really, but well mannered lurkers may be invited to join.
    Guests allowed: absolutely. please be respectful of the game channel in use (see below)

    Other information:
    We typically maintain two open channels – one in-play (Ancient_Horizons), the other (AH-OOC) is for out of character discussion and game management. If you wish to observe, please join both channels and ONLY post comments in OOC.

    This is a very gritty setting, plot heavy, with an emphasis on real world physics and very little regard for the rulebook, as such. Common sense and storytelling are held in high regard, and will trump the rule book every time.

  6. IIsi 50MHz

    E.N. Weekly One-Shots: suggest a game!

    Channel Name: #enworld
    Day(s)/Time (including timezone): Multiple sessions, for around the world. /see/ the Schedule (on Trello)
    Game System: Variable
    Setting: Varies
    GM (Contact Nick): Changeable, but me (IIsi 50MHz) by default
    Looking for players?: Always
    Guests allowed: Yes; everyone’s a guest!

    Other information:
    To feature a different game system, setting, expansion, or module each week.
    …but biased towards what I already have or can get free rules; otherwise, schedule another GM. Perhaps yourself?

  7. Navonod Semaj

    Channel Name: #TheNewWorld
    Day(s)/Time (including timezone): Sundays @ 8pm Eastern
    Game System: D&D 5e
    Setting: Homebrew
    GM (Contact Nick): Nav_DM
    Looking for players?: All full up right now
    Guests allowed: Lurkers welcome

    Other information: D&D meets colonial america… ish!

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